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Dr. med. Doan Baykut

Is a well experienced cardiac surgeon and Associate Professor of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery. Following his residency training for general surgery in Bremen, he completed the specialization as a cardiac surgeon and worked as a senior physician at the Heart Center Duisburg. After a research work at the Texas Heart Center in Houston, USA, Dr. Baykut moved to the University Hospital of Basel as a senior cardiac surgeon, where he became Associate Professor at the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery. He later worked as a business development manager and scientific consultant in medical technology industry for several years. Being the author of numerous scientific papers and convention contributions, as well as with his patents, Dr Baykut is an internationally renowned expert in the field of cardiovascular medicine.

CEO & Board of Directors

Somapharm - Doan Baykut

Manfred Weisser

graduated in anaesthesia and intensive care medicine. He also completed training at the Swiss Federal Institute for Reactor Research Würenlos. He was a rescue leader in the emergency service, head of anaesthesia in a hospital and was responsible for AKB training. After going into industry, Manfred Weisser worked for Siemens, Raumedic, CMA-M-Dialysis and GMS. After years of doing business in health medicine and medical technology, he consolidated his experience, together with his brother, into Somapharm AG.

CFO & Board of Directors (President)

Somapharm - Manfred Weisser

Norbert Weisser

after completing training and earning a degree in electrical engineering, he successfully completed another degree in anaesthesia intensive care and resuscitation. Furthermore, he is a state-certified pharmaceutical agent. He worked in senior positions in anaesthetics and intensive care at various hospitals before finding his way to BB Braun Melsungen. After successfully building up the „Cardiology“ division, he switched to REHAU, where he was responsible for introducing highly complex invasive systems. His support in the company’s product development has led to three patented products. After years of doing business in health medicine and medical technology, he consolidated his experience, together with his brother, into Somapharm AG.

COO & Board of Directors

Somapharm - Norbert Weisser

Prof. Dr. Hans Peter Wendel

has been working as research director of the Department of Thoracic, Cardiac and Vascular Surgery at the University Hospital of Tübingen for more than 30 years, focusing on „Blood-Contacting Biomaterials“ and „Biologisation of Medical Technology“. Through his research activities, he was able to identify promising paths to completely new biofunctional medical devices with the help of interdisciplinary approaches between biotechnology (tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, stem cell research, physical and combinatorial chemistry, etc.) and medical technology. Prof. Wendel has published over 200 original scientific papers in international journals to date. He has excellent contacts to the research industry and is regarded as a sought-after expert for blood contact of biomaterials relevant in cardiac surgery. He also holds over a dozen top-class patents, which are currently being implemented in several cooperation projects with industrial partners. The sum of his scientific experience led to his successful accreditation as a GLP test laboratory for „Testing of blood-contacting medical devices according to DIN EN ISO 10993-4“. He also heads the Steinbeis Transfer Center „Medical Devices in Blood Contact“.

Board of Directors

Somapharm - Prof. Dr. Wendel


Foundation of SOMAPHARM AG.
Expansion to include the SOMA Hospital Care division, with disposable and reusable medical products as well as medical devices for professional applications in hospitals, clinics, medical practices and research.
Expansion to include the SOMA Digi-Data division with professional IT support for hospitals, clinics and medical practices.
Introduction of quality management according to the ISO 13485:2003 standard and CE certification.
Expansion to include the SOMA Beauty division with innovative products in the field of cosmetics.
Development and distribution of a hand-held high-pressure syringe (NOMA-I) for angioplasty.
Development and distribution of a single-use hand drill NOMA-II for cranial reconstruction.
Development and distribution of a catheter to measure urethral length in incontinence operations
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We are active on the market with new products and product ideas to assist users in clinics, practices and research to effectively and optimally care for their patients.


We use all our resources to meet our customers‘ needs and requirements. Reliability towards you is our highest priority.


Our price structure is adapted to the healthcare market’s current financing practices. We value the greatest possible openness and transparency in our business relationships. Our own nationwide distribution network makes us the ideal partner for the healthcare sector.

Changes in today’s market are our motivation and the individual needs of our customers are our challenge.


The rapid changes in today’s market greatly challenge our ability to perform. That is why we rely on our highly motivated employees, who have a high level of specialist and consulting expertise thanks to constant further education and training.

More than 80 international publications

Current Perspectives
of the Extracorporeal Circulation

Buch Current Perspectives of the Extracorporeal Circulation
Available at

Dr. med. Doan Baykut

During his career, Dr med. Doan Baykut has published more than 80 international publications, held several conventions and researched and proven medical theses.

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Der erste Eindruck zählt


Somapharm brachte in den vergangenen Jahrzehnten immer wieder exzellente Produkte auf den Markt und sorgt für Nachhaltigkeit in ihrem Geschäftsbereich.

Prof. Dr. A. Mendelowitsch, Hirslanden Gruppe

Sowohl im Vertrieb, als auch im Bereich von erfolgreichen und nachhaltigen Produktentwicklungen hat sich die Somapharm über die Jahre einen Namen gemacht der für Zuverlässigkeit, Innovation und Kundenservice auf höchstem Niveau steht.

Dr. med. T. Feuerstein, FMH Neurochirurgie

Die Somapharm ist für uns eine sehr professionell organisierte und effektive, kundennah operierende innovative Firma, die über eine exzellente technische klinische Produktpalette verfügt.

A. Züger, Medizintechniker

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