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Let’s shape the future of med-tech together

Mr Rajko Babovic, Chief Executive Officer SOMAPHARM AG

Mr Babovic is the new wind at SOMA+PHARM

After creating the new business and development plan for the company, it is his job to attract new investments and maintain investor relationships, while keeping a disciplined eye on a healthy P&L statement of SOMAPHARM’s day-to-day operations in Switzerland.

With his many years of experience as a “serial entrepreneur”, Rajko coordinates the interface between the product innovation department and the profitable product sales and maintenance team in Baar, thus ensuring a steady income, thanks to which his new innovation strategy can develop its full potential for SOMAPHARM’s investors.

Rajko’s particular focus is on his personal monitoring of the business development of the new, innovative medical technology products from SOMAPHARM, in cooperation with leading partners from all over the world, as a strategic key factor to increase the company’s new value on the Swiss market.

Rajko Babovic’s message to investors:

“Get unrivalled access to one of the leading med-tech investment offerings in Switzerland, based on SOMAPHARM’s own innovations and innovations from our valued partners worldwide, and invest together with professional investors.

Benefit from the additional security of trusting an established, reputable hospital care Swiss company, that has been operating since 1989 at the same address in Baar in the canton of Zug, and is now supported by a new management and investment plan.”


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