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The management of Somapharm AG is very pleased to have been granted exclusive distribution rights in Europe, including Switzerland, for a new portable and miniaturized heart-lung machine (HLM) called ALiSE. This is a further step towards transforming Somapharm AG into the leading provider in mobile medicine and completing our product portfolio.

Every day, millions of people are affected by a sudden and unexpected event of the heart, circulation or respiration, which rarely occurs in a hospital. Many of these people die before they can even be treated in a hospital.

Take the initial treatment to the patient and DO NOT take the patient for treatment first

The system was developed according to the specifications of the U.S. Army and U.S. Air Force, among others. The close cooperation with Somapharm AG ensures on the one hand the technical adaptation of this system to the new European requirements and on the other hand the direct broad-based marketing. ALiSE has a weight of only 8 kg to support circulation and respiration in case of acute heart, circulation or lung failure. It is a miniaturized form of the heart-lung machine used in open heart surgery. ALiSE can be brought to the patient and connected in a very short time to take over the functions of these organs. With its unique design, ALiSE also has a comprehensive international unique position. ALISE is also a reliable platform for future-oriented medical technology, e.g. first aid with drones, through eCall, connected car and in telemedicine.


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