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Expanding the Swiss innovation and med-tech customers ecosystem

Mr Manfred Weisser, Research & Development Director SOMA+PHARM AG

Mr Weisser is the legacy guarantee at SOMA+PHARM.

After years of business activity in healthcare and medical technology, twenty years ago he consolidated his experience together with his brother in SOMAPHARM in Baar, where he was both CEO and responsible for the company’s numerous awarded product innovations in the healthcare industry.

His job today is to oversee the scientific development of not less than four revolutionary product innovations in collaboration with global partners, while heading SOMAPHARM’s Advice and Maintenance unit in Switzerland.

Manfred is the safe harbour for SOMAPHARM’s long client list from the medical industries, guaranteeing since 20 plus years that each product delivered to them will be successfully installed and utilised, personally overseen by him.

Manfred Weisser’s message for Entrepreneurs:

“We are looking for the most innovative medical technology products worldwide, developing them into functional and sustainable products in order to give them access to our high-quality network of customers in the healthcare sector in Switzerland and beyond.

In the final phase, we ensure that our customers can quickly and easily use these innovative products in their daily practice in order to significantly improve their own performance.”


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